03 March 2011

Ashton Kutcher's Twitter Hacked

Ashton Kutcher's Twitter Hacked -- News broke out today that Ashton Kutcher's Twitter account got hacked. Why would a Twitter user leave his account unsecured and let this feast happen? For God's sake, put some complicated security measures of your accounts. These malicious activities have already victimized a lot of people around the world, especially those that frequent the social networking sites around.

Why Ashton Kutcher's twitter account got hacked? Well, it probably was his fault by supply some easy to guess passwords or something.

At around 8:43 am (Philippine Time), just as celebrity Ashton Kutcher —one of the world's most followed celebrities on Twitter— was attending the Technology, Entertainment Design (TED) Conference in California, his Twitter account was apparently hacked into by one of the attendees. (Source)
Ashton, learn some SSL or secured browsing system thing.. you must have been caught by some Ferret cookies fetching machines there in the conference and your account just got hacked. Ahh, the perks of public / wireless Internet?


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